CBD/Hemp wholesalers

CBD, Hemp wholesalers and other non-THC operations can obtain a variety of insurance options through Cover Cannabis. We specialize in the industry and work with A-rated carriers who will provide insurance solutions at an affordable rate that will meet your specific needs. The benefits of non-THC products are becoming increasingly popular and even though you are a wholesaler, you are still not removed from becoming involved in litigation if a consumer misuses a product, becomes sick, injured or worse. Lawyers are known to trace the product back to every operation who handled it and product liability offers protection for incidents such as these. Product withdrawal coverage supports the costs involved with pulling a product from the shelves, which may be the most cost-effective decision during the course of litigation. Herbicide/Pesticide/Fungicide endorsements are now available for wholesalers as well.

Suggested Options

  • General Liability
    • Herbicide/Pesticide endorsement
  • Product Liability
    • Product Withdrawal
  • Property
    • Stock Inventory
    • Business Income
    • Business Personal Property
    • Crop Coverage
    • Equipment Coverage
    • Property in Transit
    • Tenant Improvement Coverage
  • Stock Through-put