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A Guide to Cannabis Strains: What Are They?

10 February 2023 / Category: Blog
A Guide to Cannabis Strains What Are They

Different strains of cannabis have distinct effects that set them apart from the competition. Cultivators have also discovered that these plants’ appearance and growing requirements differ.

Three Main Categories

For the most part, Indica cannabis provides soothing effects, almost all of which target your physical sensations. These effects are best described as “body stones,” and they frequently leave you feeling tired and lethargic.

Sativa cannabis strains focus on the mind and produce an energized feeling. These strains are well-known for producing cerebral highs as well as psychoactive effects. This variety is far less likely to make you sleepy, but it frequently increases your appetite.

Hybrids generate both sensations in varying degrees. On the genetic structure of the parent cultivars, they can also exhibit a mix of growing excitement and fun. It’s the perfect way to get the best of both worlds.

Indica Strains

The term “Indica” developed from the term “Indian Hemp,” which was used to describe cannabis grown wild in India’s Hindu-Kush mountains’ foothills and valleys. Because of the climate in which they originated, Indica cannabis strains frequently grow bushier and closer to the ground than Sativa strains.

Effects of Indica Strains on the Body

Indica strains are known for being calming, relaxing strains or cultivars frequently used to treat inflammations, sleeplessness, and pain.

Sativa Strains

The Sativa strains have narrower leaves and grow taller than the Indica strains due to the climate where they evolved. When the humidity and temperature rise, the plants must expand to allow more airflow between the flowers.

Effects of Sativa Strains on the Body

The strains have been known for being upbeat, euphoric cultivars that are frequently used to treat depression, boost creativity, and regulate mood.

Hybrid Strains

Indica and Sativa genetics were combined to create hybrid strains, which are cultivars. Because of their varied ancestry, these strains are frequently quite potent and climatically adaptable.

Glass jar full of Cannabis Sativa for sale at a market stall.

Effects of Hybrid Strains on the Body

Hybrid consumers assert that they feel happier and more content after using them, which helps them feel more at peace. A rise in creativity is one of the most advantageous effects of hybrid strains; users may feel more imaginative and creative, with new subjects and ideas to explore.

Please bear in mind that the information above was released purely for informational purposes and was not meant to serve as legal or medical advice.

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