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As a processor, you are aware of the investment and hazards around the equipment. Processing cannabis flower often changes the value of the product. Most often, processing like extraction systems drastically increase your product value! Therefore it is important to make sure that you have adequate coverage in the event of an incident.

With increased attention around cannabis use, product liability is more important than ever in the event that a consumer becomes sick, commits a crime, or worse. Even if the incident was not related to your processing, litigation will trace the product back to whoever was involved which means that the point of sale, and the processor are most susceptible to scrutiny.

Product withdrawal coverage supports the costs involved with pulling a product from the shelves, which may be the most cost-effective decision during the course of litigation.

Herbicide/Pesticide/Fungicide endorsements are now available for processors & manufacturers as well.

Suggested Cannabis Insurance Options

    • Herbicide/Pesticide endorsement
    • Product withdrawal

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