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Equipment Coverage

Equipment Coverage 

We often take for granted the equipment we use in our everyday operations, until something happens. Equipment Coverage is also often excluded from policies, or its forgotten by many clients themselves when they are trying to get protected.

For example, what happens if your facility is destroyed? Who covers the equipment inside? Equipment insurance is coverage added onto your property policy. This extra coverage adds protection to your equipment itself. In the event the equipment in your business gets damaged or lost due to fire, theft and vandalism, within your facility, your policy will pay for a replacement or for the repairs.

Equipment coverage is an additional protection that should go hand in hand with your property coverage, and equipment breakdown coverage. It’s important not to mistake equipment breakdown coverage and equipment coverage. Equipment breakdown will not cover damage caused by outside factors, like fire or vandalism.

Let one of our expert agents at Cover Cannabis better explain the different types of coverage available to protect your equipment.

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