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Cannabis Delivery Insurance

Delivery-only dispensaries are becoming increasingly popular within the cannabis industry but there are some common misconceptions about coverage. If you put employees on the road a car accident is probably your biggest fear. Personal Auto insurance will not provide coverage in the event of an accident, robbery, or other mishap. Specialized business auto insurance is what is needed in order to ensure that your driver, product and vehicle are protected.

Some business owners may believe that because their employee is driving their own car and they have insurance that they have nothing to worry about. If an employee has an accident while “on the clock”, workers comp is the primary remedy for employee injuries and their personal auto policy likely excludes business use. That means their policy will not pay for damage to vehicles, injuries, medical bills, or pain and suffering. And, at the end of the day your business is likely to be held liable.

Although coverage for stock and inventory can be purchased on your property policy, it is typically not insured once it leaves the premises. When your property/product is in transit, your property policy coverage is likely to be reduced and may even be completely invalid. Fortunately, we have multiple solutions to ensure you are covered even when your product leaves your place of business.

It is also important to know that a typical stock and inventory policy will not cover goods owned by someone else. If you’re transporting someone else’s property you may need cargo coverage. The only insurance considered to be “All Risk” physical damage and loss coverage protecting cannabis products from seed to sale at the full value in each stage of your process.

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    • Hired and Non-Owned Auto

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