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Insurance for Cannabis Businesses

Having an insurance policy to protect your cannabis business is a wise decision. The right insurance policy can protect you from unexpected costs due to unforeseen circumstances. Accidents, lawsuits and natural disasters, all have the potential to cause massive financial harm and even run you out of business.

There are a variety of cannabis insurance products available to your specific cannabis business needs. Here at Cover Cannabis we can offer you access to products & solutions that can cover your employees, your property as well as your cannabis stock and product. Explore the different options we have available for Cannabis Insurance below:

General Liability

Every business in the cannabis industry needs a dependable General Liability Insurance policy. Find out exactly how and why we go the extra mile to provide you with the Gold Standard in basic General Liability coverage. Read more!

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Cover Cannabis Product Liability Page Banner - Cannabis Leaf, Bud and Oil on Container

Product Liability

Whether or not your business manufactures or sells cannabis products, Cover Cannabis is ready to provide you with access to some of the best insurance options in the industry to protect you against crippling law suits in case you are found liable for manufacturing or selling defective products.

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Cover Cannabis Business Auto Page Banner - Delivery Van Cruising Highway

Business Auto

You do not want the unpleasant experience of discovering the vehicles involved in your cannabis operation have not been as thoroughly covered as you expected. Cover Cannabis will explain to your satisfaction, not only why you a need business auto insurance policy, but how and why Cover Cannabis offers some of the best coverage to protect you in case the vehicles in your operation incur an accident while on the job.

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Cover Cannabis Workers Compensation Page Banner - Male Gardener Cutting Plant on Pot

Workers Compensation

New cannabis businesses often find themselves in the dark when deciding whether or not their employees require workers compensation insurance. Cover Cannabis will enlighten you to the cold hard facts of affordable workers compensation insurance and why it is essential to the success of your business.

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Cover Cannabis Property Page Banner - Cannabis Nursery


Properties from indoor growing facilities, greenhouses, extraction production plants and laboratories all need to insure their premises. Find out how Cover Cannabis is ready to protect your business property to your confident satisfaction so you can sleep easy at night knowing your business can continue to prosper even if disaster strikes.

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Cover Cannabis Crop Coverage Page Banner - Cannabis Trees in a Greenhouse

Crop Coverage

Cover Cannabis can help cover your licensed indoor or approved licensed greenhouse facility crops. Come harvest time, there’s even more protection we can offer you as well! From seed to harvest licensed indoor and greenhouse growers can be rest assured that their crops are protected! And for outdoor licensed growers, once you’ve brought your harvest indoors for processing, storage, and delivery, check out the full range of protection plans we have to offer your business as well.

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Cover Cannabis Cargo Page Banner - Cannabis Buds in Jars


Items transported for your business or by your business may be your responsibility should they become damaged or lost. Without solid cargo insurance to protect cannabis companies, they can suffer serious business set backs or even the complete loss of their businesses from unexpected disasters. Discover why Cover Cannabis can provide access to some of the most comprehensive cargo insurance policies in the industry and how your cargo can be protected from dangers.

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Cover Cannabis Equipment Breakdown Page Banner - Indoor Cannabis Buds

Equipment Coverage

Did you know that equipment coverage, and equipment breakdown coverage are two separate insurance policies you need to keep your cannabis business running efficiently? Let Cover Cannabis define the unique differences between the two and how we can provide you with access to some of the most cost-effective protection for your equipment coverage.

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Cover Cannabis Equipment Breakdown Page Banner - Indoor Cannabis Buds

Equipment Breakdown

The dream of any business owner is to find a insurance coverage that only protects equipment from loss or damage, but covers the cost to repair or even fully replace equipment due to mechanical breakdowns that are beyond repair. Find out how Cover Cannabis can help make your insurance dream an affordable reality with equipment breakdown coverage.

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Cover Cannabis Business Income & Extra Expense Page Banner - Money and Cannabis Leaf on Table

Business Income & Extra Expense

Business income insurance refers to coverage that pays for the loss of business income while your business is being repaired or rebuilt after being damaged by a covered cause, like fire or vandalism for example.  Extra expense insurance refers to coverage for the additional expenses incurred while your business is being repaired or rebuilt. Both coverage options now available for cannabis businesses.

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