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There are a variety of cannabis insurance products available for your cannabis operation, depending on your specific business needs. Here at Cover Cannabis we can offer you access to products & solutions that can cover your employees, your property as well as your cannabis stock and product. Explore the different options we have available for Cannabis Insurance below:


General Liability

General liability Insurance is coverage that can protect you from a variety of claims including bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and other situations that may arise including slander, libel, copyright infringement and more.

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Product Liability

Product liability Insurance provides coverage in the event you are found liable due to a defective product, whether you manufacture or just sell the product to a consumer. For businesses in the cannabis industry, this is an evolving issue.

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Business Auto

If you are using your vehicle for work, regardless of your operation, you need a business auto insurance policy. This coverage will ensure that in the event of an accident while working, your policy will cover for liability, physical damage and injuries. It is important for cannabis business owners...

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Workers Compensation

If you have employees, you need workers compensation. It is really that simple, and we try to be as clear as possible when it comes to workers compensation, cannabis operations are no exception. Not having workers comp is extremely punitive and can lead to big fines and the risk of having your business...

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Whether you are a cannabis dispensary, cultivator or a laboratory, property insurance is necessary to ensure the security of your property. We can provide access to property policies designed to insure structures such as buildings and greenhouses, as well as other properties owned by cannabis ...

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Crop Coverage

First and foremost, it is important to clarify that currently only cannabis crops grown indoor and in approved greenhouse facilities can be covered. Unfortunately, outdoor crops cannot be insured at the moment, this is across the board with cannabis crop insurance but we are working on a solution for outdoor crops...

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Cargo coverage refers to the protection of items transported by your business or for your business. A cargo policy would cover you in the event your cannabis product is lost, damaged or stolen while being loaded, transported, and unloaded. With a cargo policy you can get coverage for cannabis...

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Equipment Coverage

We often take for granted the equipment we use in our everyday operations, until something happens. Equipment Coverage is also often times excluded from policies, or its forgotten when you are trying to get protected. What happens if your facility is destroyed? Who covers the equipment inside? Equipment insurance ...

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Equipment Breakdown

Equipment breakdown provides protection for your property and cannabis stock in the event your equipment fails. Equipment breakdown can cover your equipment in the event power surges, burnout, malfunction and user error. Every minute that passes where your equipment is down, means loss of revenue for your cannabis operation...

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Business Income & Extra Expense

Business income insurance refers to coverage that pays for the loss of business income while your business is being repaired or rebuilt after being damaged by a covered cause, like fire or vandalism for example.  Extra expense insurance refers to coverage for the additional expenses incurred while your business is being repaired or rebuilt. This can include expenses to operate from...

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