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  • I want to thank Samantha for her continued help with this process. She is very patient, understanding and most helpful. I think she is a great asset to the Inszone team and I look forward continuing to work with her.

    Cindy Kelly

    Developing Everything Cannabis, LLC
  • DJ Mervin was a great help and we are very excited to be working with him and this company.

    Andrea Logan

    Humble Home Inc.
  • Theresa has been very helpful in working on an insurance quote for my small Poi business.

    Abraham Rodrigues

    California Poi Company
  • Beyond helpful. Worked with Theresa on several companies policies over the years.

    Mike Carlson

    EVR Managers, Port City Alternative, Alpine CNAA LLC
  • Theresa has time and time again provided excellent and prompt service. We have many different insurances and matters running through her and she is so knowledgeable and helpful with all of them. Just wanted to share my gratitude. Thank you!

    Mandy Johnson

    Heritage Holding of California
  • Ms. Norma Villafranca performed her job exceptionally well. She was responsive, articulate, patient, and available throughout the underwriting process.

    William Claus

    Round Valley Farming Partners, LLC
  • Theresa has always gone above and beyond for us. Helping me fill out 13 page applications, putting a rush on quotes, getting them back to me in 2 days instead of the normal 5 days. She is ALWAYS professional and knowledgeable. Any question we have she is always able to answer correctly. She is joy to talk to!

    Kathie Johnston

    BSeen CO
  • Theresa is great to work with. Several years now and she provides wonderful communication!

    Richard Jacobsen

  • Theresa is very helpful and awesome to work with. She should be given a raise and promotion immediately. Thank you.

    Kevin McCarty

    Mr. Natural Productions Inc
  • We have been clients of Cover Cannabis since 2012 when we opened our Medical Cannabis access point. Since then we have opened Recreational Cannabis store fronts and Cover Cannabis has been by our side all the way. Theresa has been able to meet every challenge that I’ve brought to her, and there have been many. There are not many options for insurance coverage in the Cannabis industry and I’m more than happy to have Cover Cannabis protecting my assets. Their pricing is fair and they do a phenomenal job at ensuring that we understand our options and coverage.

    Jona C.

    The Kushery, LLC.
  • Cover Cannabis provides first-rate service and is an excellent value. The responsive customer service stands out above all else. Every time I need something explained, the team is always there to patiently help. The personal touch makes all the difference. Wonderland strongly recommends Cover Cannabis as a trusted partner in preparing for the future.

    Luke Bruner

    Wonderland Nursery