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Cannabis Transportation Insurance

Cannabis transportation is highly regulated and failure to adhere to these transportation laws can have big repercussions for cannabis businesses.

If you are using your vehicle for work, regardless of your operation, you need a business auto insurance policy, especially when  transporting cannabis. This coverage can ensure that in the event of an accident while working, your policy can provide coverage for liability, physical damage and injuries.

It is true that cannabis as a product can be covered through other policies, like cultivators and property insurance, but once the product is in transit, these coverages can become invalid. Cannabis businesses owners will need additional cargo coverage in order to be protected if a robbery was to occur during transport.

It is important for cannabis business owners to keep in mind that a regular business auto policy may not cover you and the items you are transporting unless you disclose that you are transporting cannabis, or work with a cannabis operation. In which case, certain insurance companies may decide to decline coverage. We advise working with an insurance company that has experience in the cannabis industry, who can properly guide you and lead you to coverage specific for cannabis operations.

A business auto policy can offer the following benefits:

  • Coverage in the event of an at fault accident. Covering injuries and damages for third parties.
  • Comprehensive and collision coverage. Covering any damages to your work vehicle, regardless of fault.
  • Coverage in the event you are hit by a third party without insurance.

Cover Cannabis can help guide you and provide an array of available coverages to fit your cannabis operation. Remember that a personal auto policy will exclude any business use. You need a business auto policy that is designed to cover your work vehicle, your employees and the items you transport. Additionally, you need to work with a company that has expertise in the cannabis industry, in order to guarantee you will be covered in the event the worst happens.

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