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Insurance for the Cannabis Industry

What types of Cannabis Operations can obtain Cannabis Insurance?

Cover Cannabis is a full-service consulting firm and we can handle all of your cannabis insurance needs. Many of our clients rely on us to provide expert and quality service for their cannabis business operations.

We Make Sure You Are Covered!

Cover Cannabis is a one-stop-shop for all of your cannabis insurance needs.

Due to the varying types of cannabis business operations, a wide range of key cannabis insurance coverages are available. Here are some of the types of cannabis operations we work with:

Cover Cannabis Dispensary Insurance Page Banner - Medical Marijuana Dispensary Shop

Dispensary Insurance

The most successful dispensaries establish their operations in a way that will withstand the changing laws, regulations, as well as the ups and downs of business. It is more important than ever to protect your investment. In addition to general liability insurance (which is usually required)...

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Cover Cannabis Processor Page Banner - Cannabis Buds on Glass Table


As a processor, you are aware of the investment and hazards around the equipment. Processing cannabis flower often changes the value of the product and it is important to make sure that you have adequate coverage in the event of an incident. With increased attention around cannabis use...

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Picture by E-Liquids UK - Unsplash

Smoke shop

Even if your store does not carry cannabis products, it is important to work with an insurance agent who understands the industry. We work with A-rated carriers and can provide affordable, customizable solutions to meet your needs.

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Cover Cannabis Delivery Service Page Banner - White Delivery Van

Delivery Service

Delivery-only dispensaries are becoming increasingly popular within the cannabis industry and there are some common misconceptions about coverage. If you put employees on the road a car accident is probably your biggest fear. Personal Auto insurance will not provide coverage...

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Cover Cannabis Cultivation Page Banner - Man Using Scissors to Cut Cannabis Leaf


Fire, theft, and vandalism is often underestimated, as many growers assume, “it will not happen to me.” Coverage to protect your cannabis crop is available for your indoor and approved greenhouse facilities. For a grower, time is money and our underwriters allow the grower to establish the value of their crop.

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Cover Cannabis Locations Page Banner - Cannabis Oil in Glass Container


Equipment used in cannabis manufacturing is becoming more and more complex. As new technologies arise, the way in which the cannabis flower is altered and turn into different cannabis products rely on more expensive equipment...

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Cover Cannabis Distributor Page Banner - Cannabis in Plastic Tube


As a cannabis distributor you are responsible for the procurement, sale and transport of cannabis and cannabis products between licensed businesses. You are responsible for the transportation of cannabis products between businesses and you have a responsibility ...

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Cover Cannabis Laboratory Page Banner - Small Glass Containers


The importance of laboratories dealing with product testing can’t be undervalued. You and your business play a unique role in ensuring the quality and safety of all types of cannabis products. Your laboratory needs property insurance, as well as insurance for any equipment used in testing...

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Cover Cannabis Property Page Banner - Cannabis Nursery

Property Manager

As a property manager, overseeing different structures in which cannabis business operate, you have a variety of unique risks. You need to ensure that the tenant and business owner are properly insured in the event the worst happens...

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Cover Cannabis Landlord Page Banner - Cannabis Bud


Did you know that an insurance company may be able to deny a claim based on the type of business your tenant is running in your building? Most insurance carriers will not provide building coverage if your tenant is running a cannabis related business. Misclassifying building use could result...

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Cover Cannabis Hydrophonic Shops Page Banner - Cannabis Trees on Plastic Pots

Hydroponic Shop

As a hydroponic shop, you sell equipment and supplies for cannabis operations to be able to grow their crops indoors. You have a variety of coverages available to you to ensure you are protected. Property coverage can help protect your shop in the event of fire, theft or vandalism...

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