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Dispensary Insurance

The most successful dispensaries establish their operations in a way that will withstand the changing laws, regulations, as well as the ups and downs of business. It is more important than ever to protect your investment.

In addition to general liability insurance (which is usually required), there are a number of other options you have to choose from to recover from an unfortunate event. Regularly seen in today’s news, product liability insurance is extremely important in the event that a customer ingests a product resulting in sickness, accident, or crime and decides to attempt to hold you responsible. Even if the incident was not your fault, the point of sale is usually the first target in litigation.

Also, please never overlook workers compensation insurance. Workers comp is a compulsory coverage; therefore, required by law. If you have employees, you need workers comp. In most states the fines and penalties for operating without workers comp are significant and may even include jail time.

How Much Does Cannabis Insurance Cost?

The cost of cannabis insurance varies among carriers and depends on the coverage and coverage amounts selected. Cannabis insurance can be impacted by:

1. Complexity of the operation

To start, a start-up dispensary may need business liability insurance, product liability insurance and building insurance. A larger company would require all insurance policies mentioned plus, laboratory insurance, crop insurance, business auto insurance and more.

2. Size of the operation

The cost for a dispensary’s general liability insurance depends on the size of the enterprise.

3. Past occurrences 

Generally, any time a claim is made on an insurance policy, premiums will rise. If a dispensary has submitted a claim in the past, chances are you would be paying more for insurance.

4. Optional coverage selections

Many cannabis dispensaries are often cash-only operations, dispensaries often opt for crime-related insurance. This then can add to the cost of insurance premiums.

Suggested Options

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