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Equipment Breakdown

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Equipment breakdown provides protection for your property and cannabis stock in the event your equipment fails. Equipment breakdown can cover your equipment in the event of power surges, burnout, malfunction and user error. Every minute that passes where your equipment is down, means loss of revenue for your cannabis operation. Having the right equipment breakdown insurance allows you to get back to full operation as fast as possible, with minimum costs.

The benefits of having equipment breakdown coverage are:

  • Coverage for the cost to repair or replace damaged equipment.
  • Coverage for the costs of time and labor to repair or replace the equipment.
  • Coverage cost to replace damaged cannabis stock, materials or perishable items

Here at Cover Cannabis, we can help you determine the amounts and limits of coverage necessary for your specific operation. Additionally, we can provide information on additional insurance coverage products, like business income and extra expense, to ensure you mitigate income loss while your equipment is being replaced or repaired.

Talk to one of our expert agents today, and learn about the different insurance coverage options available to fully protect your cannabis operation.

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