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Cannabis Delivery Amidst The COVID-19 Pandemic

17 July 2020 / Category: Blog
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The cannabis industry has seen massive growth in the recent years as legalization continues to gain momentum across the US.

A significant area of growth in the industry, notable in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, is delivery services. Cannabis delivery offers new ways for customers to purchase and receive products from the comfort of their home. Cannabis delivery adds new ways for cannabis business owners to reach new customers, increases ease of access, and opens the doors to increased revenues.

In states such as California, Colorado, Oregon and Alaska, cannabis businesses have grown into massive industries, with California even considering cannabis as an essential product. Along with groceries, pharmacies and restaurants, dispensaries have been marked as essential businesses providing products that are crucial to people’s needs. The New York Times even declared that for some Americans, cannabis is as necessary as milk and bread. The COVID-19 crisis has pushed the reshaping of the sales and working process in various cannabis businesses, primarily with dispensaries. Most of them started to put up their online platforms, allowing customers to make purchase online and have their orders delivered directly to their homes, or be available for in-store or curbside pickup. By doing this, they are able to safely meet the needs of their clients, while remaining safe with less interaction while fulfilling demands.

As people are staying at home and isolating, some cannabis business owners have reported an increase in demand. For example, sales of recreational cannabis in Washington State rose up to 20% on the weekend of March 16, 2020 and the demand of delivery of various cannabis products has increased. Overall, legalized states have encountered a good percentage increase in sales as reported by The Detroit News

Safety Comes First

As demand grows, cannabis business owners are taking measures to ensure the safety of their workers and customers always comes first.

Some of the safety measure protocols conducted by cannabis businesses include:

  1. Regular disinfection and cleaning of stores.
  2. Personnel equipped with gloves, masks
  3. Constant hand sanitation
  4. Strictly exercising social distancing between buyers and employees
  5. Limiting the number of people entering stores
  6. Doing deliveries to lessen the number of people going in and out of their store.

Cannabis home delivery and in-store safety protocols are some of the examples of methods being implemented by industries across the board in adapting to the new normal. Even before the lockdown was issued, cannabis home delivery was on the rise, the pandemic just took it into overdrive as the demand grew exponentially and safety became a concern.  Safety will remain a concern, at least in the short term, with no end in sight to the Coronavirus. Adhering to these safety procedures will allow for dispensaries and cannabis businesses to continue to serve their customers and provide essential products to them.

Some Features Currently in Use By Cannabis Delivery Services

Given the rise of the demand of cannabis, establishing a cannabis delivery service is a great way to reach customers who are not able to visit your store. With technology, cannabis businesses are enabled to coordinate their fleet of couriers and ensure orders reach their final destination, safely and on time.

Here are some cool features that are being used by cannabis delivery services:

  1. GPS Tracking – for a delivery service to become successful, communications between the courier and dispatch should be established. Some apps offer GPS tracking so the dispatcher van view the location of multiple drivers within a delivery area.
  2. Mobile Transactions – this enables couriers to call customers and also have the ability to create profiles for first time customers. Once a transaction is done, a digital receipt is sent via email and dispatch is notified that an order is completed. These notifications also help dispatchers monitor a courier’s progress.
  3. Route Mapping – couriers can simply select a navigation app to be guided between delivery locations. This feature is helpful in avoiding heavy traffic and road construction areas.
  4. Delivery Notifications – this feature keeps customers updated on their order and cut down inquiry calls requesting order status. Customers will be waiting on their doorsteps when an expected time of arrival is established.

Don’t Forget

It is important to have coverage specifically designed to insure cannabis delivery. Having business auto insurance, non-owned auto, or just basic general liability insurance, will not protect your cannabis products while they are being delivered. You need coverage that will protect the product, and any payments you take while delivering.

Cannabis businesses require unique insurance coverage, period. Our team have the necessary insurance expertise and genuine understanding to help you protect your business. Contact us now for more information on cannabis delivery insurance today!