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Cannabis Packaging Trends for 2021

13 June 2021 / Category: Blog
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In the cannabis industry change is inevitable, unpredictable, fast, and expected. All the changes, trends, regulations, and strategies that worked in the previous year, might not work today. What once stood out as innovative and unique may soon be outdated and therefore it’s important to be updated.

Here are the trending cannabis packaging trends of 2021.

Trend #1: Retro-themed Graphics

With any top product, savvy customers are on the hunt for well-branded products. In response, cannabis marketers have been adapting branding and graphics usually seen on non-cannabis products. The leaf symbol is still prominent on most cannabis products, but its prominence is slowly fading, giving way to the elegant and more modern designs that are popular on consumer-packaged goods.

The look and feel of these graphics are looking to target the millennials, because they are the top consumer.  If you are looking to update your graphics and visuals, try aiming for under saturated pastels and clean flat graphics. Use serif fonts, ampersands (hashtags), and illustrations that convey unique, handmade artistry.

Trend #2: Sustainability

A report from Capgemini shows that 79% of consumers are changing their personal purchasing preferences based on social responsibility and how certain brands participate or include themselves for positive environmental changes.

Recycled and recyclable materials will increase in popularity and usage, as brands will be emphasizing their commitment towards the environment. According to The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies’ (PMMI) report, the next generation of consumers will demand lesser material in packaging and businesses need to look at their contribution for sustainability.

Trend #3: How to Stand Out on the Shelf

Brand saturation may become an issue as the cannabis market expands. Big brands will keep pushing the smaller cannabis players to the back of the shelf. With this, cannabis brands must make the necessary actions to catch up with their ever-dynamic marketing and branding requirements to make sure that their brand will stand out in the retail environment.

One method is through advanced printing techniques such as the usage of metallic inks and embossed printing. This helps create a more personal feel towards their product allowing their targeted audience to feel a connection to their product.

Trend #4: Serializing Products

Counterfeiters have found a new gold mine in cannabis. When counterfeit products are sold, they undercut revenues and more than that, it damages the brand. In response, the FDA now requires serialized codes to verify a product’s authenticity. Serialization is the perfect defense mechanism against fraud and counterfeiting.

Serialization can be customized and yet it is highly visible on the packaging. Implementation of serialization comes in many forms such as unique source codes, series of numbers and letters, and holograms. Other forms can be a covert technique, such as using ultra-violet sensitive inks and chips that are embedded on the product.

It is expected that there will be an increase in the usage of these serialization techniques and technologies for cannabis products in the years ahead.

Trend #5: Compliance

Each day, the United States is coming closer to the full-scale legalization of cannabis. In the past, cannabis manufacturers were only concerned with local packaging regulations. Today, as the country is moving towards full-scale legalization, cannabis manufacturers are gearing towards selecting packaging solutions that are sustainably strong, child proof, with zero-waste, and is compliant in all 50 states. This approach eliminates the need to recreate packaging when a business expands, and it protects the regulations across states. As always, it is a good idea to make sure your business is protected against any risks. Cover Cannabis is here to help you get the coverage need to insure you business as it continues to grow and innovate.

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