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Cannabis – The Next Big Leap in Medical Science

8 October 2018 / Category: Blog
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More than half of the states in the USA along with the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana in some form or the other. Medical cannabis, or medical marijuana as they popularly call it, is cannabis and cannabinoids suggested by medical science as a cure for various disorders. Although, it is a fact that research is still going on, yet the benefits known with certainty are enough to establish cannabis as a savior for many patients.

Here, we have brought you the top five benefits of cannabis, indicating towards the fact that cannabis is the future of medical science –

  1. Chronic Pain – A study conducted by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine shows that cannabis and cannabinoids can effectively be used to treat chronic pain. Chronic pain has emerged as a leading cause of disability among the adults in the United States. Research shows that it has affected more than 25 million adults with the values increasing ever since. Cannabis when inhaled quickly leads to the enhancement of an analgesic effect, approximately in seven minutes, giving the patient relief from pain. Medical cannabis can be purchased from a marijuana dispensary.
  2. A Cure For Insomnia – The relaxing effect of cannabis is quite strong. It is beneficial for the patients with insomnia. CBD – a product derived from Cannabis stops inflammation at the cellular level and is a strong antioxidant. It keeps free radical stress under control resulting in a sound sleep. The technique leaves the patient under a long-lasting soothing effect. Besides, marijuana is also known for reducing the symptoms of anxiety thus helping people who can’t sleep due to overthinking, fall deep asleep. However, it is highly recommended that you order cannabis seeds from reliable and registered medical marijuana dispensaries only. You may further consult the USA Marijuana Doctors while buying Cannabis seeds USA if you reside there.
  3. Depression And Anxiety – Psychologists and therapists are increasingly recommending cannabis to the patients having severe depression and anxiety issues. Marijuana has a strong anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory effect. It is extremely useful for dealing with any psychological problem due to bad past experiences The medical term for this is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Cannabis and some other products derived from Cannabis like CBD oil create a healthy mental atmosphere. They bring the level of stress down and help the patient live a healthy life. Besides, it has no side effects.
  4. Crohn’s Disease – Crohn’s disease is a type of inflammatory bowel disease affecting the last part of the small intestine. Patients with the disease usually suffer from extreme abdominal pain and vomiting. CBD oil – a product derived from cannabis, improves the patient’s appetite, thus providing some relief. Moreover, CBD and CBD living water have notable antibacterial effects crucial to the patients of Crohn’s disease.
  5. Controlling Epileptic Seizures – A study has shown that marijuana can be helpful in controlling epileptic seizures. Although the topic is still under research and not much is known, yet it is a proven fact that cannabis controls epileptic seizures by binding to the brain cells which are responsible for controlling excitability. These are also responsible for regulating relaxation.

Apart from CBD oil, many other parts of the cannabis plant like strains (Strawberry Kush strain) and cannabis seeds especially offer many health benefits. Marijuana can also be used to treat and prevent the eye from a disease called glaucoma. It also reverses the carcinogenic effects of tobacco thus improving the health of the lungs. All in all, we can conclude that cannabis is a wonderful plant. It has many hidden and lesser-known benefits. If used properly, it can bring revolutions in medical science and be extremely helpful to the patients.