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Facts of Cannabis in the US

30 November 2023 / Category: Blog

Here are some facts about cannabis, cannabis use, cannabis legalization and cannabis upcoming future in the United States as of 2023:


Cannabis Use:

Cannabis Legalization:

Cannabis Upcoming:

  • Cannabis is a booming industry, with an estimated market value of $29.32 billion in 2023 and a projected growth rate of 15.40% to reach $60.01 billion by 2028. The industry also contributes to the economy by creating jobs, generating tax revenue, and attracting investment.
  • Cannabis is expected to see more policy changes and reforms in 2023, such as federal cannabis pardons, reclassification of cannabis on the Controlled Substances Act, and reintroduction of high-profile federal legislation, such as the Cannabis Opportunity Act, the MORE Act, and the SAFE Banking Act.

Cannabis in the U.S has seen significant changes. It’s now legal for recreational use in many states, but federal laws still pose challenges. Public support is strong, and the industry is booming. The future may bring policy changes and further growth.