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Wind and Hail Coverage in Oklahoma

22 April 2021 / Category: Blog
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Since 2007, Cover Cannabis has been a leading insurance resource in the cannabis insurance industry. In 2018, when Oklahoma legalized medical marijuana, Cover Cannabis engaged their experience in the field to bring the best available coverage to this great state.

One of the most common questions we get from our Oklahoma clients is, do we have programs that cover wind and hail for their property? The answer is YES! While many insurance carriers exclude this coverage, we have partnered with several insurance companies that will consider this risk! Although some may cover this peril, there are some things you should know in relation to this coverage:

Wind and Hail Risks

Oklahoma is called “Tornado Alley” for a reason. One of the most pressing issues insurance companies face in Oklahoma is the significant exposure to frequent hail damage and high winds.

Hailstorms, windstorms and tornadoes, have taken a toll on the Oklahoma insurance market, causing many carriers to refuse to participate. The carriers that do participate in this coverage have either had to raise prices, limit coverage, or a combination of both.

While each insurer has a different approach, below are the most common choices:

1. Separation Between Wind/Hail and All Other Perils Deductibles

Due to the frequent wind and hail events in Oklahoma, insurance companies have separated out the perils resulting from wind or hail damage and put those risks on a separate deductible. This deductible is almost always higher than the primary deductible – often 2-10 times higher. This is to cut down on these types of losses, as the frequency of these events makes it a hard risk to insure against.

2. Actual Cash Value on The Roof

Another way insurance companies can lower the costs of claims is by changing the way the value of your roof is calculated. On certain policies, carriers are now saying that they will pay replacement cost on your building but evaluate your roof on an actual cash valuation. This means the insurance company will take the replacement cost of your roof and subtract depreciation.

Along with that stipulation, other verbiage will explain that if the roof is over 15 years old, then a claim would be settled on an actual cash value basis. In other words, you would only be entitled to the depreciated value of the roof.

3. Cosmetic Damage Exclusions

In addition to the tools mentioned above, insurance companies are adding something called the “cosmetic damage exclusion.”

This exclusion states that if your roof looks damaged by hail but is still 100% functional, your claim will not be covered. This exclusion is often added to metal roofs that are prone to dings. This exclusion is often unavoidable. On the flip side, it is sometimes not as serious as the other problems with wind and hail.

Oklahoma is a unique state with a unique set of hazards, and we hold insurance policies up to standards that other states don’t. Whether you are a new start-up or an established business, if you need to talk to an experienced Oklahoma insurance agent, let us know. We will review your operations, risks, and assets to find a policy that best fits your needs. Call us today (833) 819-5010 or email us at